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BC, Taiwan Bor-Chuann Enterprise Co., Ltd, is the leading manufacturer of high performance shock absorbers in Taiwan. Since its establishment in 1999, BC has focused its efforts on developing, designing and manufacturing high performance shock absorbers.
BC, Taiwan Bor-Chuann started to promote its exclusively branded products, the BC Coilover Kit, which made its debut in 2003, and the sales volume of the BC Coilovers has grown impressively, consolidating its leading position in manufacturing shock absorbers in Taiwan.
The BC Coilovers have been designed and developed to achieve an ultimate handling performance at extremely a low ride height. Its full-length adjustment system allows low ride heights without compromising shock travel and ride comfort. Dampers of 30-level damping force adjustment with proper spring rates provide you more setup options to meet different needs. Each application of BC Coilovers has been well tested in Japan and the US to assure its fitment, quality and durability.