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Xtreme Motorsport Ltd is a British engineering and manufacturing company based in Bedfordshire specialising in manufacturing high quality precision and maximum performance motorsport components and specialist bespoke products.
In 2011 they developed an aftermarket clutch system for the Nissan R35 GTR to reliably be capable of handling highly tuned GTRs with in excess of 1800hp at the wheels. With worldwide distribution to Nissan GTR tuning shops and end users they quickly established a second to none reputation from their customers for manufacturing and supplying high quality and reliable products that complements and enhanced their Nissan GTR custom tuned vehicles.

Receiving highly sought after accolades from specialist Nissan GTR tuning shops and glowing referrals with recommendations from the customers that reinforced XM growing position of an engineering and design ‘centre of excellence’ for the Nissan GTR aftermarket clutch systems, they have grown from strength to strength in supplying to the highly competitive aftermarket GTR tuning industry.