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Cusco Website


Fuel Systems & Electroncics

Deatshwerks Website


ECU Software

Ecutek Website


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Exedy Website


JDM Performance

HKS Website


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Mishimoto Website


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Black Diamond Website


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Pistons, Crankshaft & Stroker  kits

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Supertech Website


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You can't find a Product?

Custom Import Arts deals a selected set of performance brands as official dealer and some as distributor. If a product your are looking for is not in the list, please feel free to send us an email, we can trade most products through our network.

Our webshop is still a work in progress and not all products are online yet. we expect to keep adding products in 2020. Also give us some suggestions if you think your have a good product experience and we will see what we can setup to bring is publicly traded.

Are you a manufacturer and would like to have your products added to our portfolio?

At Custom Import Arts, we are always looking for new and existing products to be added to our portfolio. We are more than willing to review your products and analyse if they meet the quality- and reliability-levels of our high-demanding standards.

Our customers deserve the best, a motto that we as Custom Import Arts pursue already for 20 years in rebuilding and upgrading robust engines and transmissions. The same applies to our engine management and dyno runs.