• Custom Import Arts Tuning offers remote e-tuning across the entire world , we prefer to do the first tuning on our Dyno or Your local dyno at all times. World Wide local tuning service can be book and we will travel to your location at xtra cost.

What’s First

  • Read EVERYTHING below
  • Submit Form with ALL information requested below
  • At all time use a battery charger while flashing first time. and don’t flash long distances away from home/safe place if its risky battery will go flat

What’s happens after you submit the form below 

  • Once we have determined and agreed with the modifications you have performed we can then send you a base map to begin tuning and create a first basic log file for diagnose.
  • Once you have installed the map into the vehicles ECU we will need to go through the logging process.
  • Once a log has been completed please send us the log, via whatsapp or upload ,we will review it and send a revised map for you to log again.

OEM Ecu tuning Like Ecutek, Cobb, HP-Tuners etc..

Set datalog list Ecutek

Leave Pre-set parameters, unless otherwise asked… if running Speed density remove mass airflow. If we are not doing launch control testing please remove dig launch mode.

Stand Alone Ecu like Link Ecu

  • Install Remote Control.
  • Make sure that all applications, pictures, documents you don’t want us to see or closed.
  • Get good Wifi or remote internet acces and send us the user code, after we have connected please confirm so we get acces to your application.
  • Further commands on starting, driving etc will follow through phone or whatsapp or skypecall.

Logging Driving Conditions

  • First log we will need  idle when warm Log, cruising around at steady,  partial throttle, up tp 250grams, 5 pounds, 0.25 bar of boost.
  • Second log we will need (usually after sending a revised map.) same as first , not more then 500grams, 10 pounds, 0.5 bar of boost.
  • Third log we will need after all first lofs went fine and got approved, partial throttle, into about 10 pounds of boost, full throttle pulls from 2k-Redline


  • Your car MUST be in good health / condition with NO hardware issues…or we simply can not and will not tune your GT-R, we can not tune round hardware bugs
  • Ecutek, COBB, HP-Tuners, SCT Tuning etc requires a licence to be added to each ECU. GT-R needs ECM & TCM to run all features correctly
  • Please get back to us in a timely fashion
  • If we are calibrating your car, the job is with us, we are responsible. We ask that you do not seek technical advise from DIY owners, forums or similar. Please ask Custom Import Arts Tech first, we will be the only people who actually know whats going on in your tune.


Please do not start new email chains or delete messages. We receive many emails and to expedite your needs we need to reference the conversation/tune spec details. Only reply on original tune form email. Thank you