Tom Van Dyck studied Electro Mechanics and dedicated his passion to the art of engine building, transmission rebuilding and engine management callibration. On every endavour there was a new learning curve as he had to overcome the lack of local knowhow. Starting from an old back office, growing in a shed next to the house he expanded the company to an industrial area in Grobbendonk over a period of 20 years. 

In Grobbendonk Custom Import Arts is know equiped with a 6 Car host 500m² dual leveled workshop, this contains and electronics preparation area, welding and machiening area and a preperation zone.
A seperated engine cleaning area and a designated engine clean room of 30m² is designed for building high quality engines and gearboxes in a clean enviroment.

For engine management callibration and software developement there was invested in a Superflow SF880e Awd Chassis Dyno and a Superflow SF9200 Engine Dyno for purpose build performance engines. As an official callibrator and installer for Ecutek, Cobbtuning, Sct Performance, HPTuners, LinkEcu, Syvecs and many other high end brands a massive budget was spend over the years in these official software license to be able to deliver the best solutions for each project handled.

3 years ago another larges investement was done towards design and developement of custom inhouse created performance parts. A fullfledged Solidworks Pro Design hub and 3D printing room was build in order to commit to the custom needs of newer customer cars.

Tom Van Dyck

Engine Buider, Callibrator, Advisor