Car Workshop

Our climate controlled workshop mainroom is 500m2 and houses a variety of car hoists, toolboxes and a special 3000kg Automate roof/ceiling transport hoist to lift engines, gearboxes or even complete cars to any location through the workshop. This is a massive addional help as no tradional engine hoists are required, this makes things faster and safer.

Engine cleaning and building room

Our engine rooms or devided in two sections. First is a parts dismantling and cleaning area, which houses a Torrent 500 Steamer cleaner and  15m2 toolbenches for multiple jobs. The second area is a climate controlled seperated closed engine clean room where we assemble and blueprint all gearbox and engine parts prior to installation.

solidworks DESIGN STUDIO

Since a few years we learned more about 3D design and integrated a Solidworks triple screen design studio with 3D rendering station for post animation of developed products. Combined with a 3D printer station we can created custom parts for most applications.

3D Printing lab

Our inhouse 3D printer studio alows us to create every part prior to final construction. From gears to piston designs from car batches up to interrior parts developement. Custom Import Arts is your one stop parts design studio for any race project.

Custom Import Arts is located in the Flemish or North part of Belgium, 1 min from the Exit 21 on the E313 Highway Antwerp-Hasselt. The company is on the end of an Industrial area in the village Grobbendonk and is well protected by law enforcement and securitas. Some GPS devices might be off for about 400m or 1/4 mile, just drive a lap around the block and you will easly find it as it is signed well on the street side.

If we are not answering the doorbell, please call our mobile.
( +32 488 26 67 57 )

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Enter street adress here. Or any other information you want.

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If are not answering a doorbell please try the phones as we might be busy on the Dyno. Thank you.