Welcome to our SKELTA Project

One man’s dream

The Skelta was born out of one man’s obsession to win the incomparable 2000km Targa Tasmania road rally. A former Australian rally champion, Ray Vandersee began his determined assault on the Targa with a re-engineered Westfield. His ingenious modifications brought it closer to the Porsches, Nissan GTRs etc that were dominating such events, but it was clear that something fresh was needed to ensure him of outright victory. Starting with a clean sheet of paper, and incorporating all the attributes his extensive competition career told him were required, he designed his own creation from scratch – the Skelta.

Marcus Nuutinen and Tom Van Dyck at NTD Group bv have taken the challenge in a 10 year ongoing procces to rebuild, upgrade and redevelope the Skelta and build it with the 25 year Experience in race car building by Tom Van Dyck, Tonni Sneyers and Marcus Nuutinen in the next 10 years.

The origin of the name?

The Beatles hit Helter Skelter was blasting from the radio the night the project was conceived
Skeltas are made in Toowoomba, Queensland, next door to the well established Vandersee family business of importing John Deere farm machinery and Hino trucks for distribution throughout Australia”


The chrome molybdenum steel spaceframe is reinforced with a centre tunnel and sidepods made of carbonfibre/aluminium sandwich, while the body is crafted entirely from carbonfibre composite. This extensive use of strong but lightweight materials results in a dry weight of just 720kg.

The heavily finned front air intakes, sizeable rear wing and diffuser are a clue to the aerodynamic package designed for the Skelat, combined they exert 200kg of downforce at 90mph. Small wonder it is so competitive on the track.

Hystorcial Review By Evo.co.uk when the car was at 340bhp compared to the now +500ps Version .

What is it? Somewhat improbably, an Australian lightweight sportscar. ( EDIT by NTDTVD : now in Belgian Production and developement by NTD GROUP bv  ) The G-Force was created to compete in the southern hemisphere’s toughest tarmac rallies, where it’s proved capable of running with mega-money exotica. And now a road-legal version is being imported to the UK.

Technical highlights? We’ve driven an earlier (and considerably uglier) version of the G-Force before (evo test here), but since then it’s been given both a much needed front end redesign and a supercharged version of the Honda S2000’s VTEC engine. With a claimed 340bhp working against a 720kg kerbweight it now boasts a power-to-weight ratio to rival that of a mid-order supercar. Underneath the carbonfibre bodywork lies a steel spaceframe reinforced with a structural carbon backbone. It’s got a roof because Aussie rally regs demand one – but because the same rules don’t require it – it does without doors or side windows.

What’s it like to drive? Mightily impressive. Get beyond the kitcar looks and the lack of weather protection and the G-Force is an awesome backroad weapon. Straight line performance feels as quick as the numbers suggest, but the Skelta’s most impressive dynamic quality is delivered by the rally-grade suspension. With relatively soft springs working with separate reservoir Proflex dampers the G-Force is seemingly impervious to the bumps and compressions of your typical British B-road. Even better, the enormous rear wing (and an equally serious rear diffuser) work together to create major downforce – Skelta claims 200kg at 90mph – with the steering weighting up as the extra grip arrives.